Established and family owned since 1994, Sun Source is one of the largest fashion diamond and gemstone jewelry suppliers in the industry. With manufacturing and design facilities in the United States, China, India and Mexico, our ability to create luxurious products that combine our manufacturing expertise with recognition of market conditions and trends makes us one of the most recognizable fashion diamond and gemstone jewelry vendors in the US.

With over 50 years of combined jewelry experience, our team oversees all aspects of the business, from design and merchandising to procurement, manufacturing and distribution. Seasoned Principals here at Sun Source have kept our impeccable reputation in the jewelry industry securely in place. Our team of dozens of designers and model makers, using both traditional and state of the art CAD design facilities, generates thousands of cutting edge fashion jewelry designs every month by leveraging the most up to date trends.

We continue to thrive in a changing industry that has seen countless failures for both vendors and retailers, and we are one of only a handful of remaining American companies in this market segment. In the past decade, we have experienced double-digit growth year after year. We are masters at understanding market trends, consumer demands and tastes. Our dedicated resources work closely with retail partners to understand their product visions and meet their clients’ needs.

With long standing partnerships with diamond cutters and site holders in India, Thailand and China, as well as multiple internationally recognized factories across China, India and Mexico that abide by stringent quality control standards, we have direct access to the largest array of diamonds and gemstones in the world with a capacity to manufacture over 3.5 million pieces annually.

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